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Club Training Ball

Art No#: STROM D03

This ball has a very different and very appealing design. This idea of colour scheme has been generated by visualizing a storm in mind. White colour is used as a base, whereas Black and gray are used for creating better impact of blizzard. In addition to it, Aqua lining in the ball is complimenting the whole look. This ball has an ability to create a storm in the field; due its look, grip and subtleness.

In pearl white shiny 100% non-woven, with the thickness of 1.1mm, Soft in touch evens low temperature, high abrasion resistance low water uptake on wet fields. Stable shape & circumference.

Control lining system, for the true flight which enhances durability of a ball. The combination of multiple polyester and cotton lamination is use for extra support for seams.